That Damned Muse


I was struck by a muse I guess last March. A story seemed to come to me out of the blue and screamed in my ear (figuratively speaking) to be written. So, I sat down and spent a week writing it when I got the free time to do it. I may attempt to get it published one of these days. Thinking about it seriously.

Anyway, that was the start. That muse has been riding my back now for quite a few months. I have a few orphaned projects currently, I will attempt to get back to them in the new year. Once the muse stops riding me about my current works in progress (WIP for short). It’s weird really, I will be sitting there minding my own business and then I get a mental prod about “What if,” or “How about this,” and even “Won’t this be fun?” Then off I go down a rabbit hole of furiously typing words on the page or looking up information or, asking friends odd and strange questions, or… Well you get the idea.

I have a lovely first reader that’s not really judging my output which is nice. I think I will keep her. She has aided and abetted my muse by throwing random thoughts my way or encouraging me to keep going. So there’s my muse in the background chortling away and prodding me from time to time.

Unfortunately there are times when she does go on vacation. Can’t blame her for that as I do miss having a proper vacation. When she does get back to me, it’s back to that merry sleigh ride. Of course when she isn’t helping me I am trying to get things down still. Just because I don’t have the inspiration doesn’t mean I can’t keep practicing.

So there we go, a random musing for the morning before I go and try to hammer out words between the necessary chores today.


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