Looking Back

I decided to see how many words I had written this past year. Just a random thought that ran through my head. So I tracked down all my saved documents, works completed, works in progress, and works that have been temporarily abandoned. I was a little surprised really. I started hammering out “new words” back at the end of March. Whipped off a short story that struck me and burrowed deep. One week it took to write from start to finish with some personal business in between.

After that I carried on and continued to write. One story has been put aside for the meantime. Seemed too big an idea and I needed more practice to do it justice. Same for another story that started off short and morphed to needing more detail and work.

Then there was the novella that’s currently morphing into a novel. I have gone back and restarted that piece numerous times now it seems and I am getting closer to what it needs to be. Just not there yet and it’s been put aside awaiting more research and reading.

And the short stories. John and Mason, the last witness, some unknown lawyer that’s caught in a spell, and essays. Going to be more that needs to be added to that list in the new year.

Then there was my first manuscript that reached novel length, and is in the process of being edited, polished, and holes papered over. Unfortunately it’s spawning two sequels. Talk about a pain in the butt.

So that’s what I have been working on over the past nine months. So what’s the running word count? I was a little shocked when I totaled it up. Almost if not more than, two hundred thousand words. Good words? Some I guess. All in all they are just practice for the final result. New Year is now and things are starting to happen now.

They say you need to write a million words to get good at the skill. I have written at least what I have written this year in my past so I am almost halfway there.

Stay tuned.


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