Oooooh Aaaaah, Wonderful

So, today is January first. Start of a new year. Last year was a roller coaster in regards to a lot of things. A lot of personal things happened, all ending on a good note at least. Writing though has suffered due to the personal stuff. Mind you that should have been expected.

So, I am setting goals for the new year. Things I need to accomplish and work on. First, I need to sit down and carve out writing time. Then plant my butt in a chair and hammer out words. What to write? Well, I will let my muse guide me. Second, finish the book I wrote last year (no, not the NaNoWriMo one, that one is going to have to wait), and get it out into the wild. It’s close to being finally finished, just a little spackle and it’s done. Third, work on my skills. That’s it. No timelines, no major “I want/need”, just get small stuff done. Of course, once I get the first book finished and released I have to get back to the second one, and then the third. So there we have it.

I need to do this or otherwise all the time I have invested is a waste. Stay tuned and I may share progress.

(note, picture is one of my own that I took a long time ago as in November 2011..)

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