It’s been a busy year. Especially dealing with work outside of home. Unfortunately I haven’t been writing as much as I need or want to and have to figure out how to squeeze it in between early shifts, pre-schooler tantrums, and other tasks.

That being said, a book I finished last year is off to a few beta readers to find errors and issues before being released. Cover art is done by myself because I can’t really afford semi-professional services. As well I have been learning how to create ebooks with various Linux programs. Learning as I go and I think I have managed to create a clean book that way at least.

Now the fun thing is that the book that is done is a first book of a series. Two books planned currently. Book two is almost done and I know where book three is going to go. The trick is sitting down and cranking out the words. Just need to get to that step again.

I will probably be starting back with some short stories for a bit to get myself in the groove again. I can’t quit now, there’s too much for me to say and do. So until next time.

Here’s the cover I managed to work on for “A Fall of Dust”.  Enjoy.


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