Rant Time

Sorry, have to vent my spleen a bit. Nothing serious and it’s all just my opinion here.

We have been watching “American Gods” on Amazon Prime. At the end of Season One we were looking forward to what would happen next in this screen adaption of the book by Neil Gaiman. I read it back when it first came out and enjoyed it immensely. Most things written my Mr. Gaiman intrigue me and I enjoy them. So I was looking forward to sitting down to see this.

The first season departed a fair bit from the book, which is to be expected I guess. It at least was fairly close in this season. Aside from making Mad Sweeney more of a character then a walk on role in the book. Then there was more focus on Laura Moon than in the book. I was willing to ignore those changes.

No in the second season I am getting angry with a lot of the sub text going on. It’s becoming less a journey of Shadow Moon and more a look at the injustices of American history and culture. A lot of the characters are angry and nasty. There’s very little enjoyable or whimsical like I found in the book.

Anansi almost seems like a vengeful good rather then the trickster god that he’s supposed to be. Perhaps I missed something in the original, and I will have to go back to read just to be sure (the first printing, NOT the enhanced version. If I can find it). Some of the other gods are just… I don’t know, they seem a little off.

Now another thing that irritates me is the gratuitious sex, nudity, and whatever else they throw in. It’s almost like they are trying to “improve” the story to the lowest common denominator.

One good thing, I guess, is the foreshadowing¬† about Shadow and his eventual role in the whole universe. Those that have read the book, will understand what I am talking about. On the other hand the show is being a little heavy handed in it. The Fiancee is enjoying it still, so we will be watching it a little longer. I just hope I don’t get frustrated and bail on her.

Why can’t Hollywood just do a faithful adaption of any books anymore? Well that’s my opinion for what it’s worth.


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