Last night was date night. Typically me and the fiancee have one night every two weeks when the Squire is away with his mother where we just have us time. The past few months we were watching “Fear The Walking Dead” (which I am really disliking for numerous reasons). Last night though I figured I needed something different.

Well a week or so ago I saw a mention of a documentary that caught my attention. “In the Shadow of the Moon” about the race to and landings on our closest celestial neighbor. I bookmarked it on Amazon Prime for later viewing. And last night we sat down to watch it.

I just have to say, it was the best three hours I have spent watching the TV with her in my life. Yes, I know, it’s only an hour and a half long. I had to pause it a lot to stop and explain things or expand on stuff that I have read or learned in my years. You see, I lived and breathed space stuff. I have a copy of a a newspaper with the first space shuttle landing. It’s been kept in decent shape over the past 30+ years since I first bought it.

My fiancee is a bit uneducated about this aspect of modern history. Well compared to me that is. It was fun to stop and explain stuff about rockets, gravity, orbits and well, “Buck Rogers” dreams. It also helped listening to these astronauts and moon walkers describe their fantastic journey with wonder and awe. I mean it was beautiful listening to them describe small little details that you wouldn’t think of.

Anyway, it’s coming up on the 50th anniversary of the first landing. So there’s a lot of stuff to watch now and rediscover on my part with her. I went to Amazon and bought a bunch of DVD’s since my local Library doesn’t carry any of them. First will be “The Right Stuff”, and them the “Earth to the Moon” miniseries. After that? Well, I will think of something. Rediscovering the wonder of early space race is a thing that I can’t wait to share with my young son. I hope there are a ton of firsts that we will get to watch and share.


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