Life Get’s in the Way

Been a busy week or so. Work, family, and generally life intervened to shut things down creatively. A little over a week ago the Fiancee lost a very good friend and she had to deal with a lot of personal things. This meant that I had to step up and ensure she was taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally. What I have signed on for so no big deal.

Next, work. This was our busiest week in the department I am working in so extra hours and lots of baking was needed to be done. It’s a 24 hour store, except on holidays. And the days it’s opened people tend to go a little nuts. Of course there are a lot of family dinners over the Easter weekend and lots of bread products and sweets are also desired. I had a couple later half shifts where I showed up and was diving into the mixer and setting up product for the next open day and that shift.

There were a few days that I dragged my sorry ass home and dealt with the general day to day stuff like dinner and the Squire. As of Monday, things will return to that level of craziness that we call normal around here.

So, plans and stuff. I have a book to finish, and stories to get proofed and edited for publishing. I aim to start pumping out some of my shorter works to the distribution channel soon. If I can manage it maybe one story or two stories a month. I have no time line for the book that comes after “A Fall of Dust”, just that it’s almost completely written. Working title is “Drifts of Snow”. All I will say about it at the moment. All the characters are clamoring in my head for their share in the spot light.

I will be looking as well what I need to get it set up as a dead tree edition. That’s going to take more work. So, that’s where things stand and I hope to be out here more often. Enjoy your Sunday.

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