It’s Alive!

Well, I have finally done it. Waffling around has ended and I have pushed the big shiny button to publish my first novel. That’s right, “A Fall of Dust” is now live on almost all ebook platforms. After much research, biting of nails, and worrying about things in general I just did it.


I am going wide rather than just sticking with one platform. From some of my research and readings I figured that it would be best if I didn’t tie myself to one company. I am using the company Draft 2 Digital which makes things mostly easy. I messed up and didn’t get something done before hitting the publish button so I have been awaiting Amazon links to go live.


Now, I just have to sit down and do something else again and release again. Back to the grindstone and keep doing it.

Not Gone

The past few months have been crazy in a number of areas. Writing has suffered unfortunately. here’s basically a summation of what’s been happening.

At the end of May I moved myself and the Squire from our old residence into the domicile of my fiancee. We have settled in nicely and are enjoying the quieter tempo of small town living.

I have returned to work on a part time basis which has done wonders for my morale.

I was involved in a custody court case and finally have that resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Hopefully that won’t need to be reopened for a few years if at all.

As well, I finally got the response from my short stories I wrote in January and February. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me in that regard. I have a lot of issues that need to be fixed with my writing.

Finally, I am writing this on my phone because the lack of internet, or should I say reasonably priced internet, isn’t available. That situation may change in the near future. I will be checking in more frequently as I am able.

Back to the grind and back into the dark.

Little Things

This is not what you think the title pertains to. In fact it’s about a lot of things. Little things, those small annoyances that just irk you the most. Currently for me it’s ants believe it or not. I despise the little creepy crawly pests with a passion. I think it comes from me living in basement and sub-basement apartments for the past *counts on fingers* fifteen years now.

Honestly, the apartments haven’t been that bad or have been sh***oles. Just the nature of the beast. The past few apartments the ant problem was mostly seasonal and dealt with by the use of a few well placed ant traps. The current residence though is a different story altogether. Let me put it this way, I have two species that are co-habitating with me and the Squire. It has been driving me batty. Especially in the winter.

Why is it such a big deal in the winter? Well, the good child friendly ant traps typically aren’t on sale in the local stores. Buying online is another option of a sort. Still it’s difficult to rid yourself of these six legged pests. They get everywhere. In fact I have crushed a few of them that I have found crawling on me! *ugh*

Options, I need options. Thanks to the wonder and power of the internet (GOD BLESS THE MODERN ERA!!!!), I have found a few solutions. Best one is the boric acid (six dollars for a large bottle at the local drug store) and sugar (available at the local coffee shop or grocery store…go grocery you need lots). So for a 1% solution you need 1 cup water (boiled trust me on this) 8 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of boric acid. Dissolve the boric acid in the sugar water mixture (this is why you boil the water first boric acid doesn’t dissolve well in cold water) let cool and then grab a handful of cotton balls. If you have been paying attention you KNOW where the ants are crawling from. Soak the cotton balls and drop them in the prime locations. Wait a couple days and hopefully (knock on wood), ants are gone for good.

I hate the little things. Annoy me to no end.

Looking Back

I decided to see how many words I had written this past year. Just a random thought that ran through my head. So I tracked down all my saved documents, works completed, works in progress, and works that have been temporarily abandoned. I was a little surprised really. I started hammering out “new words” back at the end of March. Whipped off a short story that struck me and burrowed deep. One week it took to write from start to finish with some personal business in between.

After that I carried on and continued to write. One story has been put aside for the meantime. Seemed too big an idea and I needed more practice to do it justice. Same for another story that started off short and morphed to needing more detail and work.

Then there was the novella that’s currently morphing into a novel. I have gone back and restarted that piece numerous times now it seems and I am getting closer to what it needs to be. Just not there yet and it’s been put aside awaiting more research and reading.

And the short stories. John and Mason, the last witness, some unknown lawyer that’s caught in a spell, and essays. Going to be more that needs to be added to that list in the new year.

Then there was my first manuscript that reached novel length, and is in the process of being edited, polished, and holes papered over. Unfortunately it’s spawning two sequels. Talk about a pain in the butt.

So that’s what I have been working on over the past nine months. So what’s the running word count? I was a little shocked when I totaled it up. Almost if not more than, two hundred thousand words. Good words? Some I guess. All in all they are just practice for the final result. New Year is now and things are starting to happen now.

They say you need to write a million words to get good at the skill. I have written at least what I have written this year in my past so I am almost halfway there.

Stay tuned.

It Begins

I figured that I needed a space to share random things. I have been spending the past year or less working on my writings. Most of those works are still in progress. Some are just waiting for me to pull the trigger and send them out. Others need a touch more polishing.

Essentially, what I want to use this for is something to just through stuff out randomly. Essays, snippets, or who knows what else. I will try to keep things fairly straight forward and maybe even stray into politics or sciences when the mood strikes me. Mostly though, this will be where I write stuff that isn’t fiction. Sometimes.